Welcome to the brand new site for “S.C.O.N.E – The Steampunk Choir of Notorious Excellence” – a place for all-inclusive Neo-Victorian Singing and Tomfoolery.

img_1702I’m Annie, your Choir Mistress and Chief Instigator and am usually to be found at the front of a room, waving my arms in a vague and hopefully helpful manner.

Things that it is useful to know before starting to sing with me:

(a)  I do not take myself seriously (and neither should you).
(b)  Which is good because I tend to put my foot in my mouth quite a lot.  I don’t do it on purpose and I’m very sorry.
(c)  Any mistakes are MY fault.  It is not possible to fail whilst singing.  It is only possible for me to have taught something badly.
(d)  I like tea.  A lot.  And cider.  In moderation.
(e)  I truly believe that everyone can sing, and learn to get better as well.
(f) My alter-ego is Miss Abigail Lyme, sleuth and amateur fairy-hunter!
(g) The only things that will move me to violence are people who tell others that they shouldn’t sing and people who put the milk in first (IT’S UNNECESSARY AND MAKES IT TASTE ODD!  JUST DON’T DO IT!!!)

Please check the menus above for music downloads, audio downloads and information about where we will be performing as well as other goodies as they become available.